WASTRALOKA 100% Hand Painted Gift & Decor WASTRALOKA Indonesia Authentic Product

About Wastraloka

Wastraloka is a local business which has been initiated since 2014 from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Wastraloka ingeniously designs and produces various gift products and home decorations using recycle materials (remainders from a refrigerator manufacturer) as well as natural materials such as wood and rattan. To each product we make, picturesque paintings are touched up. The paintings are crafted through a detailed handmade process.


We empower the community groups around our production plant; those we appraise having potential painting skills. We address them as our local artisans. We help them develop their painting potentials; we mentor them to be able to come up with final products of high aesthetic values. We, too, team up with local craftsmen and artists to achieve mutual benefits which will then allow them to grow further into sustainable business environment.

Our Product

authentic and traditional teaset

 Nostalgic tin container

Upcycle pot

Upcycle Pot
authentic and traditional teaset

State of the art buildings

Offering ultra premium finishes natural light.

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